Your role in security and delays at the gate; June security reports

Your role in Welgedacht’s security

As a Welgedacht resident, you have an important role in the overall security of our estate. By distributing access codes, you allow visitors into the estate and they are your responsibility while they visit. Please be responsible with how you issue access codes, especially if you are busy with a building project and therefore handle a lot of contractors. Also note that you are not allowed to issue access codes for visits to any property in Welgedacht other than your own. Check that you know who you are providing access for via voice clearance (a call from the gate). If your adult children or tenants are allowed to issue access codes, ensure that they understand their responsibility. Please contact the estate office if you need assistance with the handling of access codes (for e.g. a building project).

Keep your domestic staff’s records up to date at the office – let us know if someone leaves your employment, even if they are still employed by other residents. Let the office know for which days of the week your domestic workers require access (if not done yet).

Keep your doors locked – although we monitor access to Welgedacht, there are domestic employees, contractors and other residents moving around in the estate. It is possible that someone moving around may look for opportunities to access another property, therefore it is important that your property is secure.

Keep your vehicle discs up to date and ensure that one person in your household is part of the Welgedacht Emergency Whatsapp group. The emergency whatsapp group is for office use only, no one else is able to post on the group, so no chats allowed. Email the office with your vehicle information to get your discs updated (by end July) if you have not done so during the the last 2 months. It is critical for Welgedacht’s emergency procedures to be effective that your vehicle discs are up to date and that the office is able to inform you in case of an emergency situation.

Please mark your refuse bin with your street number, this makes it a lot easier to recover if misplaced by the refuse handlers.

At Welgedacht, security is an ongoing primary priority – play your role to make it work!


Your role in improving traffic flow at the entrance gate

The Entrypro/Secsyst access control system provides the office with statistics on vehicle and pedestrian movements at the entrance gate. The voice clearance process (where the gate phones you for access) is currently a major cause of delays. The reason for the delay is that the system will dial numbers in the order provided by the resident. If the first number is not available, the system will call the second number, then the next number etc. (first 3 numbers used for voice clearance). If a call for voice clearance is unanswered, the entire process is delayed.

You can assist by checking the order of your contact numbers listed for voice clearance – please supply the number most likely to be answered as the first one, as this will speed up the process. Currently 60 – 80% of voice clearance calls require a second or third number to be called for access which causes a lot of delays at the entrance gate.

Using access codes for your visitors also improves the time to process a visitor. Even if the visitor is unsure what to do, with a code it is quick for security to assist the visitor to enter the the estate.


Xone employee of the month and June reports

Employee of the month: Bulelwa Dyonasi followed the same career path as previous leave relievers. When she was employed at Welgedacht, she used the opportunity to prove herself and she showed willingness to provide support to other employees. She communicates well with residents and understands the operating procedures, she is also a quick learner. Congratulations Bulelwa!

We had 10 incidents and complaints in June, compared to the 13 in june 2018. Click below for the full reports.

June 2019 Incidents and Complaints