Valley Newsletter March 2021

Van Riebeeckshof Valley NPC is a non-profit company registered with the CIPC in 2019 and having as its members the various home owners’ and ratepayers’ associations and other organisations in the Van Riebeeckshof valley. It represents and advances the interests of residents and local businesses / organisations, primary through coordinated urban management and unified communication with the municipality and other service providers, focusing on safety, cleanliness / maintenance and place-making. Where necessary, it provides a top-up service (funded by members) in line with locally determined priorities, to the benefit of the area’s residents, property owners, businesses and their respective investments.

Whilst 2020 was certainly a year full of challenges, the NPC nevertheless was able to continue its mission during this difficult period and successfully completing various initiatives and projects.

In this issue:

  • Environmental matters
  • Security update
  • Budget in a nutshell
  • Mail upgrade
  • General

View across upper dam, Majik Forest

Environmental Matters

Implementing a multi-year work plan, the NPC Environment Subcommittee, headed by Emil Scheepers, continues to make good progress with various maintenance and upgrade priorities in our area, both in coordinating City services but also providing top-up services where required. A partnership approach with City departments and initiates is paying dividends in the form of good working relations with local staff, which bodes well for the future. Amongst others , initiatives include:

Tree-planting project

With the aid of a donation by the City Parks Department (Newlands nursery), the NPC has completed a first phase of 20 indigenous trees planted along Van Riebeeckshof Road (between the Welgedacht / De Uitkijk intersection and Riesling Park). Save for one that will be replaced, the trees appear to have established successfully and are regularly watered by an NPC appointed service provider, with the assistance of water generously made available from a Welgedacht Estate well. Further tree planting is planned in the next financial year. Over time, this will contribute to the tree canopy and beautify the appearance and characters of our area even further.

New indigenous Waterpear trees planted along Van Riebeeckshof Road, with the City’s Environment Area Manager,
Mr Quinton Abrahams, in the picture.

Road maintenance

The municipality has commenced a process to address road maintenance backlogs and has requested communities to inform it of potholes and related defects. The Environmental Subcommitee has furnished the local Roads Maintenance District office with a list of potholes and defects in the valley and will continue to follow-up on progress in this regard.

New taxi embayment in Van Riebeeckshof Road at Riesling Park

New taxi embayment

Another taxi embayment was constructed by the City in Van Riebeeckshof Road opposite Riesling Park. This now makes it safer and more convenient for domestic staff especially from the Oude Westhof and Kanonberg areas.

A tidy main road

Van Riebeeckshof Road is the main access route to our valley and our “front door”. Unfortunately, it happens that pedestrians along the route leave their litter without placing it into a bin. To address this problem the NPC has contracted a service provider to clean the entire length of Van Riebeeckshof Road on a weekly basis, especially close to public transport stops which are hotspots. The aim it to create a litter-free environment. Please encourage everyone to be mindful of the unsightly effect littering has. This is further augmented by periodic weeding and maintenance of the median garden beds and sidewalks.

Security update

Valley safety and security remains a cornerstone of the NPC’s mission. Coordinating proper communication and integration between the various role players and security service providers in our area, including the actions of the different estates, neighborhood watch and neighboring areas remains a critical task of the Security Subcommittee, headed by Anita Vos.

Even more new cameras

The newly installed LPR (license plate recognition) and overview security cameras on Van Riebeeckshof Road at the valley entrance continues to function well and is monitored on a continuous basis at the WelgemoedSafe control room. Installed by Van Riebeeckshof Master Home Owners’ Association and with the NPC carrying on-going monitoring costs, towards the end of last year, a further security camera was added at the upper entrance of Majik Forest close to the traffic signals, providing further security for patrons of this popular facility. The next priority is to also beef-up security at the bottom entrance of Majik Forest. Linking with the wider area network, such an integrated camera network helps to detect, trace and respond to suspicious vehicles and activity even before it reaches our area.

Incident update

During the last quarter of 2020, a couple of crime incidents took place in our area. On a Saturday morning, a jogger in Proteavallei was robbed of a cell phone by an armed driver of a passing vehicle. Fortunately, the victim was not harmed. With assistance of the LPR cameras in the valley, the vehicle was identified and its details reported to SAPS. In addition, a couple of car jamming incidents took place at the Mall. With this type of incident, the vehicle locking system is jammed as the driver leaves with the criminal then having access to the vehicle’s contents while the owner is busy shopping. A laptop and other items were stolen. There was also a house breaking incident in Proteavallei where residents were tied up and their goods stolen. The burglars gained access through an unlocked back door of the house.

New security camera footage

The abovementioned incidents clearly demonstrate the need to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. Do not display jewellery or cell phones when out exercising, as this makes you a target. Check that your vehicle is locked and that no valuables are visible before you walk away from it, and ensure that your doors are locked at all times and your alarm systems armed when you are away and at night. It is unfortunate that we have to live this way, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Budget in a nutshell

The NPC and its operations are funded by its members, via an Opex budget approved at last year’s AGM in September 2020. But how s your contribution as a resident and ratepayer of this valley spent?

Based generally on a nominal rate of R20/month per housing unit, budgeted revenue from member contributions (fixed in two-year agreements) for the current financial year (July 2020 to June 2021) come to under half a million rand. Aside from administration costs, more than three quarters of this budget (77%) is spent on direct service delivery, comprising the following components:

  • Environmental maintenance & improvement (cleaning, top-up services, tree planting & maintenance, weeding, etc.)
  • Security (camera maintenance & energy costs, monitoring costs)
  • Communication (website, newsletter and other communication)
  • Administration (banking, auditors & CIPC fees, and management agency costs)

The above excludes the capital costs of the installation of the new cameras last year at the valley entrance for around R80K.

However, notwithstanding the benefit of direct service delivery, the real value of the NPC lies in the considerable effort and energy that members and the board invest in coordination, collaboration and building working relationship with the municipality whilst speaking with a unified voice and integrating efforts with other role-players in the valley and surrounding areas. Area management is only effective if it happens in a coordinated and integrated fashion.

Mall Upgrade

Following changing hands last year to new owners Dorpstraat Development Trust, the Van Riebeeckshof Mall is under-going a face-lift and being renamed the Majik Forest Centre. The redevelopment includes new offerings such as a Woolworths Food store, new restaurants and more, together with additional parking. Construction commenced November 2020 and is planned too conclude in September 2021 with the centre remaining open throughout. We look forward to an upgraded experience an continued convenience once complete.

Artist impression of upgraded Majik Forest centre with new parking deck in foreground.


Since our previous newsletter, Board meetings took place on 1 October 2020 and again on 4 February 2021. This year’s AGM is planned around end August 2021 after the financial year-end. As a CIPC registered entity, last year’s approved Annual Financial Statements are available to any person.

General enquiries regarding the NPC and its activities can be directed to your homeowners’ or residents’ association, or alternatively to Anel van Wyk at 021 943 4340 or at Nolands, our management agent. For more information, residents are also invited to visit the NPC website at

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful part of Cape Town’s northern suburbs. The NPC remains committed to working with the residents, businesses and organisations of this unique valley to ensure we maintain and enhance its natural beauty to the benefit of all living and working in Van Riebeeckshof Valley.


The Valley NPC Team