Newsletter June 2021

Holiday Procedures, Market Day, Invasive Wasps, Employee of the Month and the Incident and Security Report!

Welgemark Dag


‘All things bright and beautiful, All *people* great and small’

Words of life and celebration, and finally, in Welgedacht, a market to match!

The Welgedacht market took place on Saturday, 22 May 2021. Born of a desire to showcase entrepreneurial talent within the estate, it afforded residents both young and old the opportunity to display their creative and business flair. Run by residents for residents, it was a seamless success and a triumph for burgeoning community spirit. No fewer than 42 vendors with products of commendable quality and variety brightened the slopes of the arboretum above the clubhouse. Vetkoek and pannekoek, biscuits and boeries, night-lights and macramés, charms, chops and chopping boards, clothing and cupcakes, plants and fresh produce, aprons and art, ceramics, knives, Tupperware – you name it, it was there!

Huge thanks and credit to trustee, Anuschka Mengel, aided by her capable team Louise Esterhuizen, Niqui Smit and Talita Badenhorst as well as Estate Manager, Vern Whitson, and Security Manager, Jacques Lotz, for ensuring that each small detail was addressed and well-managed. Credit and congratulations to each stall-holder who wowed Welgedacht with their enterprising spirit and made the day such a fun and successful venture. Thank you, Welgedacht! We look forward to meeting as a community again at the next Market-On-Our-Doorstep Day!

Lynn Venter

Welgemark dag

Organising the Welgedacht Market Day was a wonderful experience and we thank each and every volunteer, general worker and security guard who helped us on this joyous day. We are so privileged to have such an amazing community, thanks for your continuous support and cooperation in making these events such huge successes.

AGM Timeline

We would like to remind you once again that the 2021 AGM will be held on 29 July 2021. The format of the meeting will be communicated to you closer to the time which is dependant on the Disaster Management Regulations.

The proposed Constitution has been circulated, but here it is again for your convenience:

1. Click here for the draft Constitution
2. External documents to the draft Constitution:
A. List of Private Open Spaces (POSes) clause 1.2.27 of draft Constitution
B. POS Member list consisting of the relevant Erf numbers (updated) clause 1.2.28 of draft Constitution

Take some time and read through this document and send your questions and suggestions via email: by 18 June 2021. It is your right and responsibility to familiarise yourself and contribute to this body of fundamental principals of our establishment.

Responsible Dog Owners

Responsible Dog Owners

Being a responsible dog owner means keeping your dog happy, healthy and safe. It also means monitoring your dog’s behaviour and environmental impact in our estate’s private open spaces so that you and your dog are good members of our community.

Responsible Dog Owners


You should enjoy every moment when taking your pooch out for a walk or run and safety to yourself, your pet and others should be a priority. So, ensure that your pet is on a leash at all times and that you clean up after your dog, as the rules in our estate and in City of Cape Town indicates.

We all know the saying: “It’s not you, it’s me….”, and the same goes for our dogs. It might not be your dog that is the problem, but mine. We can never anticipate how our animals might react to external factors such as: cars, bicycles, people, noises, other animals and wildlife. Even well mannered, social and friendly dogs might perceive such factors as a threat at any given moment and react out of character. So keep your dog on a leash and everyone is safer.

Leaving your doggy doo-doo is also a no-no. It not only leaves a mess behind but it can be harmful to other pets, people, wildlife and ecosystems. So make sure to dispose of dog excrement into appropriate waste bins.

Let’s all work together and be responsible to enjoy a fun and clean environment.

Protection Of Personal Information Act

To ensure compliancy with the POPIA by 1 July 2021, the office staff attended training and the Trustees prepared systems to conform to the Act.

The Estate Office Manager will act as the ‘information officer’ to implement the requirements of the POPIA, with the Estate Manager as ‘deputy information officer’ to ensure that the WHOA processes personal information of its members in a responsible manner.

In terms of the POPIA the WHOA may use their management- and accounting systems to carry out the management- and other processes required in terms of the WHOA Constitution and to comply with its legitimate purposes, e.g. WHOA may generate levy statements and send to members, however, may not use this information to create a marketing list for products or services, or provide collated information to third party service providers.

The WHOA may also prepare reports of outstanding levies, or reports of residents who have transgressed the rules of WHOA, in order to initiate appropriate actions. It will be illegal to provide the processed reports to members as general information.

The WHOA will continue to process the general and special personal information of every member and their children in a lawful and responsible manner. Management systems will be further improved to keep personal information of members secure.

The POPI Act

Alternative Water Systems

The City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Department is currently running a programme inspecting boreholes and well-points that will continue until the end of June 2021. Compliance requirements are in place to safeguard drinking water quality in the general network, and ensure sustainable use of groundwater.
(City of Cape Town- Media Release- 24 March 2021)

It is very important that all alternative water supply systems are installed safely and correctly in order to prevent any contamination to our municipal drinking water supply. Please make sure that your alternative water systems are inspected and that you have been issued a Certificate of Approval (COA).

Also remember to report your borehole and well-point water readings to the National Department of Water and Sanitation which will help regulate and protect our precious water resources.

For more information please click here.


Soft Calls

We would like to remind Welgedacht residents that the primary purpose of our security employees are our safety and security. When security personnel are called for internal issues please consider the fact that during that period they will not be available to do their primary functions.

Always evaluate if your call is something that needs to be addressed by security. Sometimes a friendly call to your neighbour can solve the problem.

Updates in the Estate

Our Environmental and Maintenance Team has been very busy with much needed improvements around the Estate, all while gaining some valuable onsite skills training.

Important road marking is taking place which will ensure the safety of everyone using our roads.

New irrigation is being installed and faulty pipes and systems are being replaced.

Streetlight projects

An extensive project is underway, as all the streetlights and street name sign posts are being painted.

All the boardwalks around our estate will receive some attention. Most of them have been totally rebuild by our competent team. Now there are no more gaps and uneven slats. Everyone can enjoy the outdoors and have a stroll over even boardwalk paths.


Lelethu Udin

Employee of the Month of May

Congratulations Lelethu Udin

Lelethu’s work speaks volumes. She continues to exceed every expectation that we set. She is always willing to go the extra mile, especially when a shift needs to be filled.

Well done, and thank you for your dedication!

Some Market Day Photo Credits to: Tobie Wiese

Kind regards

Your Trustees