Newsletter July 2021

In the Spotlight

It is with great appreciation that we  would like to honour and congratulate 4 of our loyal security staff members this month. They have been serving Welgedacht Estate since the inception of the Xone security contract in 2016.

Abdia du Toit, Remano Dennis, Patric Jacobs and Joey Muggels. Your dedication and hard work is noticed and you play a vital role in our impeccable security service. We hope that you will continue to imprint your knowledge and expertise on your fellow security officers and our estate systems.

Left to right: Abdia du Toit, Patric Jacobs, Joey Muggels, Remano Dennis

More about our officers:

Abdia is currently the security control room superintendent and the the security manager’s right hand. She says that July of each year is a highlight in her career when it is her contract birthday. She loves doing things that bring her joy.

Patric is a calm and collected person who does not anger easily. He is from Elsies River where he cares for his 2 sisters and their children. He is a dedicated worker who has on occasion walked to work, if no other means of transport was available.

Joey is a very respectable man with a lot of self discipline. He is originally from the Eastern Cape and speaks various languages. He has 2 sons and loves to help other people and being at work.

Remano was recommended by his uncle, Rodger Dennis, who used to work in Welgedacht. He started as a gate officer and due to work excellence and dedication he has moved up the ranks and has been promoted to control room operator. He has also received the employee of the month award on several occasions.


Estate Office Payment Method

We have recently implemented a card payment facility at the Estate Office.

Please note that from 1 August 2021, no cash will be held on the premises and therefore no cash payments will be accepted.

Debit and credit card payments are welcome.

Residents role in Security

Good security systems are dependent on many aspects and role players. We would like to once again share with you how you as residents could contribute to the success of our Estate Security Processes.

1. Access Code

Always be sure to select the correct EntryPro Access Code.

Visitors Code: These are for your friends and family whom you know personally and who will be spending some quality time with you.

Contractors Code: This code is generated for builders, plumbers, electricians ect. Any person or company who will be delivering a general service to your premises.

Delivery Code: A delivery code should only be generated and distributed if you know that a specific delivery will only be made to your address and that someone will be home to accept the item. This code will expire 1 hour after access into the estate, at which time the Control Room receives a notification that the driver is still in the Estate. All these notifications are followed up.

Multiple deliveries

We ask for your continued support by not issuing any access codes to anyone responsible for multiple deliveries to several addresses.

Examples: Takealot, Woolworths, Clicks, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Dischem and Courier Companies such as: Courier Guy, Fast and Furious, Dawn Wing ect.

The entrance gate staff will phone each address to ensure that the delivery is expected, and someone is at home to receive the delivery. It is critical for multiple deliveries to be processed at the gate in order to ensure that all security protocols are adhered to.

Please also note that if you are expecting a parcel from a multiple delivery agent, that your delivery time, from the actual security voice clearance call to door delivery, might be delayed due to deliveries to other addresses. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

2. Vehicle registration and disks

Please make sure that your vehicle is registered with the Estate Office and that your vehicle disk is visible. New disks can be collected from the office and please remember to remove your vehicle disk upon selling your vehicle.

3. Correct reporting

There are different reporting structures for various issues or problems. Please make sure that you contact the correct department.

Most domestic issues such as loss of water pressure and electricity outages should be reported to the City of Cape Town.

Should you anticipate any problem which might influence other Welgedacht residents or the Estate in any way, please contact the Estate Office or the office staff member on duty, if it is after hours. The staff member on duty is communicated to residents on a weekly basis.

All security related issued which address the safety and wellbeing of residents and their property, must be reported to the Control Room.

Hot Water Cylinders

Just as your vehicle needs a service, so does your hot water cylinder. It works constantly on a daily basis and the water quality could have a negative impact on it. A service is recommended every 18 months to keep it in good working order.



Updates in the Estate

‘Snakes in the City’

Officer Ernest Johnson responded to a call in Combretum street, on the 14th of July 2021, after a snake was reported in a resident’s yard. The mole snake was successfully removed and released, unharmed, back into the Tygerberg Nature Reserve.

The Welgedacht security staff are trained in safe snake catch-and-release methods. Please do not attempt to do this yourself, contact the Control Room for assistance.

Bottom dam dredging

The bottom dam was cleaned by use of an Amphibious Excavator, which caused a lot of excitement amongst the young and mature members of our estate. The excavator aided in the extraction of sludge and removal of reeds.

This process of dredging is very important as it helps to increase the water capacity in the dam, while simultaneously improving the gaseous exchange for water life. A build up of sludge causes anaerobic conditions which in turn leads to toxic water conditions.

The material around the dam will be removed and utilised as soon as we experience drier conditions.

Potholes repairs

The ‘A Team’ has been proactively repairing potholes in our roads, in order to prevent possible damage to vehicles and further decreasing the drivability of our road surfaces. They are in the process of attending to all of the potholes.

This is just an interim measure while waiting upon the CoCT to clear some of their road service backlogs.


Most residents would have noticed the updated signage around the estate. We are confident that these signs will provide valuable information and communicate messages to residents and visitors which will aid in responsible decision-making.

Is the top dam leaking?

We have received a few enquiries regarding the drop in water levels at certain times of the year from the top dam and, as a consequence, whether the dam is leaking.

Data gathering commenced in August 2020, whereby daily temperatures (high and low), evaporation rates and dam levels were recorded. Soil samples were analysed by a dam specialist and as a result concluded, that the dam basin has a homogenic composition and the clay content is very high. This was good news. No dispersive material was found which could cause a tunnelling effect and thus preventing possible future leakage.

The bad news is that the average rate of evaporation is estimated at 2230mm per year. The specialist also noted that plant material can be responsible for absorption and water loss at a considerable literate per square meter. The soil analysis also confirmed that the permeability of the soil is high, thus water loss could be expected through the soil.
The only way to combat this would be to install a liner at a considerable cost which at present is not viable.

One would argue that the dam used to be full in the past- what changed?
A scour valve was previously utilised, by which borehole water was pumped into the dam when the levels became low. This was done for aesthetic- and not functional purposes. The discontinuation of the scour valve was instituted in order to preserve borehole water for other purposes.

Good rains have assisted in bringing the levels up and improving aesthetic appeal. We hope that the rain will continue. Water management remains a high priority for the well being of our beautiful estate.

Employee of the Month

Alrenzo Abrahams

Alrenzo joined the Xone security team two years ago. He communicates exceptionally well with Welgedacht residents and he always follows procedures to the tee. Having him on our team makes a big difference.
Thank you, Alrenzo and well done!


Incidents and Complaints Report for June 2021

AGM 2021

A friendly reminder that the 2021 AGM will be held on 19 August 2021, at 18:30. All the details and information was communicated on 28 July, please check your emails.

Should you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact the Estate Office. Remember that your contribution is important, so be involved. Voting is already open, so don’t delay and vote today!


Kind regards

Your Trustees