Newsletter August 2021

Welgedacht | Newsletter | August 2021

SGM and AGM 2021 Results

We had a successful SGM and AGM. It was great to see that more and more Members are getting involved and taking an interest in matters concerning our beautiful Estate. A total of 38% of Members casted their votes, this number keeps on growing and we hope that this trend will keep on increasing.

Welgedacht | Newsletter | August 2021

As per Resolution number 5, the following individuals were appointed to the Arbitration Committee:

  • Andre Muller
  • Deon Meyer
  • Frederick Stroebel
  • Jan Burger
  • Piet Badenhorst

As per Resolution number 6, the following individuals were appointed as Trustees:

  • Elizabeth McCaul- Chairperson
  • Jean-Pierre van Onselen- Vice Chairperson; Finance
  • Anuschka Mengel- Community
  • Chrystal Zietsman- Environmental
  • Francois Söhnge- Building & Architecture
  • Guillaume Muller- Building & Architecture
  • Karel Badenhorst- Security
  • Wayne Muller- Security

Welgedacht ALERT Group

A Welgedacht ALERT WhatsApp group is available to all residents. Valuable operational and emergency information is broadcast on this group from the Estate office. Please make sure that at least one member of each household joins this group in order to receive realtime updates.

Contact the Office in this regard.

Welgedacht | Newsletter | August 2021

Talking Trees

Spring has sprung, which heralds Arbor week and time to start thinking about planting trees. This is an important item on the approved Welgedacht Multi-Year Environmental Plan, for the year.

Trees are one of Welgedacht Estate’s most valuable assets and it is vital that we continually replace dead and ailing trees and plant new ones. They attract and provide shelter to the magnificent bird life on the Estate, provide shade and purify the air, act as wind break and so much more.

Every year a different indigenous tree is selected by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry and proclaimed as Tree of the Year. The Vachellia Karroo (Sweet thorn/Soetdoring) was selected for 2021. Previously known as Acacia Karroo, it can grow as tall as 12 meters in favourable conditions and forms a safe habitat for many types of birds. There are some prize specimens in Welgedacht, the best of which can be found along the homestead Walkway in front of Welgezicht. Another successful and popular torn tree is the Fever tree (Vachellia Xanthophlea) as can be seen at the Fever Tree Entrance of Welgedacht. Please be aware that these trees have aggressive roots and should not be planted too close to buildings and paving.

When the Enviro Committee finalised the naming of the Private Open Spaces (POSes) of Welgedacht Estate, the assisting name for the area above the office, namely the Arboretum, was retained. In keeping with the tree theme, an Arboretum is a garden consisting of a variety of trees. (tree=arbor in Latin) The exotic trees that are not doing well will be replaced with suitable indigenous ones that we trust will establish successfully and flourish.

The intention is to add name plaques with botanical and common names of the trees and thereby initiate an educational aspect to the Arboretum.

Parklands POS flowing from Crassula Avenue towards the Fever Tree Entrance of Welgedacht will be a continuation of the Arboretum. The water from the Under Oaks borehole will feed the irrigation system recently installed by our own garden team, and provide a kick start to the planned new trees. New irrigation for the Homestead Walk POS is also planned for the immediate future.

Welgedacht | Newsletter | August 2021

Some of many indigenous trees of the year, suitable for garden planting:

  1. Heteropyxis Natalensis (Natal lavender) 2014 tree of the year
  2. Podocarpus Henkelii (Yellowwood) 2018 tree of the year
  3. Eckebergia capensis (Cape Ash) 2020 tree of the year
  4. Harpephyllum caffrum (Wild plum) 2008 tree of the year
  5. Diospyros whyteana (Bladdernut) 2008 rare tree of the year
  6. Nuxia floribunda (wild elder/ bosvlier)
  7. Vepris lanceolata (white ironwood) 2014 tree of the year
  8. Dias cotinifolia (pom pom tree) 1992 tree of the year
  9. Bolusanthus speciosus (Tree Wisteria) 1994 tree of the year
  10. Olea capensis (Wild olive) 1988 tree of the year
  11. Celtis africana (white stinkwood)



“Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago” (Warren Buffet)

Welgedacht | Newsletter | August 2021

regard.Welgedacht | Newsletter | August 2021

Did You Know

South African’s version of Champagne is called, Méthode Cap Classique (MCC). Champagne has regional naming rights in France.

So to the name “Acacia” tree has been replaced in most cases by “Vachellia” in Africa, as the Acacia has been retained for the Australian wattle.


Uber Policy

Due to safety issues posed by the Uber service and it’s drivers, we want to remind residents that Ubers will only be allowed into the Estate for residents. We also request that NO CODES be issued to them and only voice clearance be used.

Water Meter Readings

CoCT: Meadia Release, 13 August 2021

“If you know how to read your water meter, you can monitor your water usage, prevent water wasted through undetected leaks and avoid unexpected high bills. This is also more important for registered indigent households than ever before, especially property owners with tenants or backyarders. With the new Council-approved domestic metering approach, registered indigent households need to ensure they use less than 15000 litres per month to avoid restriction.”

Read more: click here


Employee of the Month

Congratulations, Benedict King

Benedict has recently been employed as a superintendent and has met all of his job requirements to an impeccable standard. He treats his colleagues with the utmost respect and has great leadership skills.
His communication skills and interactions with Residents are excellent.

Benedict leads by example.

Congratulations, Benedict King


Incidents and Complaints Report for July 2021

Kind regards

Your Trustees