Visitor Issues, Security News & Incidents June 2018

Your Welgedacht visitors – your responsibility

During holiday times there are more visitors in Welgedacht and they are welcome, as long as they abide by our rules. We tend to see that employees and house sitters also receive visitors, which is fine as long as this is done with the resident’s permission and visitors respect our environment. Please inform the office if your house sitter or employee will be receiving visitors, otherwise they will find it difficult to enter the estate until you have confirmed your approval.

Some examples of issues we had recently:

  1. An employee’s children, visiting for the holidays, threw stones at the birds on the open spaces while walking past.
  2. A young resident and friends were smoking dagga in the park at 03H50 in the morning, and being a nuisance to neighbours
  3. Dogs roaming outside their property stole food from children having an organised holiday activity in the park opposite the offices (a dog issue)
  4. A domestic employee, looking after her employer’s home while they are on holiday, tried to bring extra visitors into the estate. As this was not pre-arranged, the employer was contacted to get permission.

It will assist us greatly if arrangements are made before residents go on holiday. This can be done via email to [email protected].

Vehicle discs

Residents who recently moved into Welgedacht, please organise your vehicle discs with the estate office and collect it when you are notified that it is ready. The vehicle discs assist security when there are problems with the booms or with the access control system.

If you sell your vehicle, please remove the disc and let the office know to cancel the disc. All discs have unique numbers and this number is cancelled when the vehicle no longer belongs to you.

Xone Employee of the month, June 2018 report

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Marcelino Oor with his selection as Employee of the Month for June.

Marcelino was promoted to Control Room Supervisor some months ago when the position opened. His enthusiasm for his work, his willingness to excel in this position, also to assist the Security Manager, led him to become a leader in the work environment and with his colleagues. He is also the proud father of daughters.

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