Verges & Cellphone Reception

Overgrown and Untidy Road Verges

We are nearing summer and the plants and weeds are enjoying the warmer weather and growing well.

We have inspected the estate verges and found that there are a fair number of verges which are not looking good. Plants are overgrown with some even over the curb and weeds present on planted verges and verges covered with stone.

If your verge is one of the above mentioned, can you please attend to it, that we can create a pleasant streetscape for all the members. We will be doing an inspection during the week of 21 October 2019 and trust that the verges are all in order by then.


Cellphone Reception

For approximately four months now I have experienced poor Cell phone reception in the WHOA office, with the result that calls made to my cell phone went directly to voicemail. I contacted MTN and they visited the office and agreed that we have poor Cell phone reception in the area.

To help me they set and fixed my Phone to 3G reception and now I have 100% signal indication on my phone.

They will be upgrading the tower to 5G by June next year and told me that the signal problem will then be solved.

I have heard of members who are having the same problem and am therefore sharing this with you.

Best regards

Christo van der Merwe
EEM Welgedacht Estate