Security News and May 2018 report

Roadworks on Durban Road – 25 June to 12 Oct 2018

Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA)  would like to advise residents and road users in the Bellville area of roadworks on Durban Road southbound between Bloemhof Rd and Mispel Road in Bellville.

These roadworks will only affect traffic on Durban Road southbound. Work is planned to start on 25 June 2018 and end on 12 October 2018. The roadworks will take place at night between the hours of 20:00 and 05:00 in order to reduce the impact on the flow of traffic. This maintenance constitutes resurfacing of all lanes on Durban Road southbound as well as the two intersections at Bloemhof Road and Mispel Road.  If the road pavement layers deteriorate any furher, it will require more expensive rehabilitation which will take much longer to complete.

Residents and commuters who make use of this road are advised that two lanes on Durban Road southbound will be closed to traffic at night while the remaining two lanes will be open to traffic at all times.

TDA would like to apologise to all residents and road users for the inconvenience caused by this project and thank you for your patience.  Due to the expected congestion in the areas TDA recommends that commuters considers making use of public transport facilities.

For information contact the City of Cape Town’s Transport Information Centre (24/7) on 0800 65 64 63 or follow @Transport4CT on Twitter.

Secsyst vs Xone, Dog complaints

Please note that there may be issues with the Secsyst access management system from time to time – currently the system is being upgraded which could lead to issues. Note that the Xone guards are well trained on the system and usually when there is a problem, it is not due to Xone, but rather the system that has a problem. Please consider this before being rude to the guard – rather report your frustration to the office than demotivating the guards with abusive behaviour. We are aware that it is frustrating at times and we are managing the system, but reporting to the office ensures that the issues are addressed as soon as possible.

During May more than 50% of the complaints and incidents logged were dog complaints. Please consider your neighbours in managing your dogs  – if left alone for long periods of time, dogs will bark, it is their nature. Neighbours should also talk to one another – it may be a lot easier to notify your neighbour if the dogs are a problem and let them handle it than involving security every time.

Please advise the office at least 24 hours (office hours) in advance if your require changes to your employees’ access arrangements. It causes delays at the entrance gate if this information is not up to date.

Xone employee of the month & incidents reports

Ashley Kay is the employee of the month for May 2018. Ashley is an extremely disciplined employee and a person who can be counted on. He is always available and has an impeccable attendance record. Ashley provides for 2 families and this is evident in his work commitment. Congratulations Ashley!