Security News and Feb 2018 report

Domestic workers audit, special dispensation info, access codes and other security matters

Domestic workers and gardeners MUST be registered with the office – this is an important WHOA rule for residents’ protection. An audit on domestic employees is in progress – please assist by registering your employees and letting us know if someone leaves your employment so that their access to the estate can be cancelled. It is as easy as sending an email to [email protected] to cancel an employee.

Special dispensations are valid for one year, but the access card expires if not used for 60 days. If you have a family member registered on special dispensation who has not visited the estate for 60 days, please call or email the office to ensure that the access card is activated before their next visit to avoid delays at the entrance gate.

PLEASE issue access codes for your visitors and contractors and remind them to use it! We have numerous cases where contractors arrive at the entrance gate and do not inform security that they have an access code. The resident may not be expecting a call or is not available which causes unnecessary delays in the contractor entering the estate. Voice clearance processing is slower than entering with an access code, therefore it assists with traffic flow if a visitor or contractor has an access code and use it.

Instructions to Xone security will be issued by the  estate office via the security manager only, in accordance with the WHOA agreement with Xone. Residents should report security issues or requests to the office or email to [email protected].  Any special arrangements are to be made with the estate office. Security guards are not allowed to take instructions from residents on allowing visitors.

Please mark your refuse bin with your street name and number. Refuse removers often tend to leave bins in a different spot and sometimes on a different property – marked bins make it easier to see where the bin should be.

As a courtesy to your neighbours, park cars off street if possible, and definitely do not park opposite a driveway.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the above mentioned security information, email us on [email protected].

Water use by Contractors 

The water tap outside the Estate Office is for collecting small quantities of water (5L to 25L) in containers and the collection is not charged for. However, it is intended for Welgedacht residents and it seems as if contractors are now also taking water at this point.

Note that contractors will only be allowed to get water at this tap under the following conditions:

  1. The member has informed the office that their contractor wants to use the water, and
  2. The contractor is registered with WHOA, and
  3. The site is registered as a building or minor works project site, and
  4. The contractor has a user card issued by the office, indicating the building site, dates of the project and a Welgedacht stamp.

ALL users of this tap will be required to stay within the 25L limit.

The area surrounding the Club House and Estate Office is now also covered with cameras so the water use can be monitored. Please assist us in managing the water use by non-residents, as it is ultimately in our interest that we have water available for residents.

Xone employee of the month and Feb2018 incidents

We wish to congratulate Angelo Louw for being the employee of the month for February. Angelo is a young, very dedicated employee who was recently promoted to Controller. He has an impeccable attendance record and is excellent at monitoring the systems in the Control Room.

Angelo Louw:

During February 2018 we had a total of 7 complaints and incidents. This compares to 26 complaints and incidents for February 2017 and a year to date average of 17.

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