Security News And August 2018 Reports

Do you protect Welgedacht’s security?

Do you realise that despite all the security measures in place, Welgedacht residents could inadvertently compromise security by their behaviour? It is your responsibility to manage your employees (domestic or otherwise) by keeping their details up to date at the office and to be responsible with the way in which you and your family issue access codes for Welgedacht. Please note the information that follows.

Access codes

Security can be compromised by generating more access codes than your visitors would require and specifically by using contractor codes (which the system currently issues in batches of 10 codes) for other than the purpose intended. For normal visitors and once-off Contractor visits (e.g. geaser repair, gas refills etc.) use the visitor access codes, where the system will issue the actual number of codes you request. Make sure YOU distribute the codes to your visitors.

Contractor codes are for use on building projects where a contractor has to enter the estate multiple times during the day or has to enter with more than one vehicle on the same day. However, if you issue a contractor code, it allows 10 entries and exits, so if you only need 4 codes for your contractor, rather issue 4 visitor codes. A contractor given multiple access codes can very easily abuse the codes and allow anyone into the estate, especially if you issue more than their company would require for the day. This poses a security risk as unapproved (by you) entries may happen which places everyone in the estate at risk.

Currently the system allows a total of 30 access codes per property per day – therefore the daily total includes any codes issued by any resident of the property who is allowed to issue codes.

Please make arrangements with the office if you are busy with a large project to ensure that the access happens in a controlled manner which allows WHOA to ensure everyone’s safety as much as possible.

Domestic employees

It is important that you register your domestic employees for the days they are visiting your property. It is very easy to change an arrangement should it be required. Simply email the office on [email protected]za if you need to arrange for access before 7am (the default entry time) or for a different day. Please allow 48 hours turnaround time during week days.

It is critically important that you cancel an employee’s access if they are no longer in your employ, even if the person is still working in Welgedacht for someone else.

Allowing employees’ registration to remain active when they are no longer working for you is a security risk as it means they have access to the estate while no longer working here or on days when they are not employed here.

Vehicle discs

Please remove your vehicle disc from your car when you sell it and cancel the disc at the office. The vehicle disc has a unique number and we update our records when it is cancelled.

WHOA appreciates residents efforts to comply with security arrangements, as it enhances the safety of everyone in Welgedacht.

Security News – Contact details, building rubble etc.

Note the contact numbers for security complaints, comments or questions:
Please report all security issues to the Control Room on telephone numbers 021-9131302 or 021-9135395 or email [email protected].

Building rubble and refuse skips – please note the rules:
The contractor must provide facilities for rubble and refuse disposal and ensure that employees use these facilities. Building rubble and refuse skips, which are to be fitted with reflectors for night visibility, should be placed on the driveway of the property or , if possible, on the street verge. If this is not possible, contact the office for permission to place the skip elsewhere. Building rubble skips have to be emptied when full, at least once a week. Nothing may be burned on site. Building rubble and refuse not in a skip must be removed from site on a Friday.

Vehicles parked in the road:
Vehicles parked in the road overnight or for an entire day compromise line of sight for other vehicles especially if there is building activity, and therefore a lot of additional vehicles, close by. Please park vehicles off-street if possible. Note the WHOA rule: ‘The parking of vehicles, boats, trailers and caravans in the street for periods longer than 24 hours, or regularly on an ongoing basis, is strictly prohibited.’

Looking after your dogs:
Please ensure that the person walking your dog picks up after the dog – we all enjoy our parks and the Welgedacht environment, let’s keep it clean! Some dog walkers do not bother to consider other residents. Obviously dogs roaming on their own also add to the problem, so keep them at home. Dogs should have a collar with your name and contact details attached so that they can be returned to you if they get out of the property.

Xone employee of the month and August 2018 report

Angelo Louw is the August Employee of the Month. Despite the winter weather causing a lot of the Xone staff members getting flu and colds, Angelo managed a 100% attendance record although he was also sick. He is very motivated and keen to do the right thing. He is reliable and the cornerstone of his shift. Congratulations Angelo!

A total of 13 incidents and complaints were logged for August – this compares with a year to date average of 17.3

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