Security News and April 2018 Reports

Use office number after hours

Note that the Estate Office number (021-9131302) can be used after hours to contact the Control Room. You may also use the Security contact number (021-9135395) at any time to contact security. These are the only numbers to use for contacting security, the old gate number is no longer in use.

If your domestic employees or contractors are experiencing problems with their finger prints, please get them to visit the office – we have found that reloading the finger prints solves the problem.

If your domestic employees are arriving before 7am please email the office ([email protected]) to open their access for an earlier time. The system default is 7am. We appreciate your efforts in keeping the office up to date with your staff’s days and times – the more accurate the information is on the system, the quicker everyone can move through the pedestrian gate. It is as simple as sending an email to [email protected] to do an update.

Please inform your domestic staff if your are expecting a delivery or a visit from a contractor and stress that they should not accept a voice clearance call or visit to your house if not arranged by you. This is to avoid deliveries or visits to an incorrect address.

Club House bookings and use

Please consider your fellow Welgedacht residents when using the Club House. We receive many noise complaints especially in the case of children’s parties when kids are running around outside and being very noisy. When you rent the Club House it is for using the Club House building and adjacent stoep, not the entire open area around it.

You can now book the Club House online on Welgedacht’s new website, once you have registered for the Members’ section. The registration has to be confirmed by the office before you can log in. When viewing the calendar for Club House bookings, a blank block means the date is available, a grey block indicates a reservation not yet confirmed and a dark green block indicates the Club House is already booked for that date.

Xone employee of the month and incidents for April 2018

Ronnie Bok has been nominated Employee of the month for April (you will see him at the gate with the red cap). We wish to congratulate him for his outstanding ability and strength to walk the right path. A little while ago Ronnie had some issues including attendance. We have assisted him and he has turned around his whole life. WELL DONE!

Incidents and complaints for April 2018 total 16 of which 3 were dog complaints. This compares with a year to date average of 17.25

Click here for list of incidents and complaints