Save the date

Save the dates!

Two important public meeting dates are listed below – make sure you get it into your schedule.

Budget information session with WHOA Members – Thursday 22 February 2018 at 19h00 in the Club House. This is when the budget for the next financial year will be presented to members.

WHOA AGM  – Thursday 17 May 2018 at 19h00 in the Club House

Welgedacht access for your employees and contractors

Resident employee access

Welgedacht residents employ a variety of people, for example:

  • Office workers (for those who run a business from home)
  • Au pairs
  • Domestic workers
  • Gardeners
  • Drivers
  • Etc.

All these different types of resident employees require regular  access to the estate, by vehicle or on foot. For WHOA Security it is important that ALL the resident employees are registered with the office and have finger print access – any person who is not a resident and who visits the estate on a regular basis, be it daily or weekly, needs to be identified. This group of visitors to any estate is a security risk, as it is known that criminals will target a person who regularly visits a property to gain information. The employee may also be placed in a situation where their family is threatened if they do not comply with the request for information.

For employees who access the estate on foot (via the pedestrian or bicycle gates) it is important to also have id cards, to distinguish them from contractor employees. A WHOA rule prohibits contractor employees from moving around in the Estate, while resident employees are not subject to this rule. To enable security to check that contractor employees are not moving around, the id cards are necessary.  Please assist us in registering your employees and keep the office informed of any updates (employees leaving or new employees). We will be doing an audit on resident employees early this year to ensure that our information is up to date – this is done a couple of times per year. From a security perspective it is quite a risk if a previous employee still have access to the estate due to a resident not updating the information with the office.

Please allow 24 hours (office hours) for any updates to your employee access. Note that it is important that an employee exits the estate the same way that he/she entered – on foot, by car etc. An employee without the necessary identification will have to be collected by a resident at the entrance gate to gain access.

Contractor employee access

The start of a new year is a good time to review contractor employees, so remind your regular contractors (garden services, cleaning services etc) to update their employee information at the office. Contractor employees with finger print access move much faster through the gate than those not registered, so encourage your contractor to register employees with the office.

Note that building contractor employees are allocated to specific building sites and this access is terminated once the project ends. If a building contractor starts working on your site in Welgedacht this information must be provided to the office in which case the employees will be allocated to your site for the duration of the project.

Please assist WHOA with the registration of residential and contract employees – it is for your own safety that these measures are in place. If you have any questions, email [email protected] or reply to this email.

Xone employee of the month and December incidents

I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate Response Officer Jeffrey Zeekoei, for his achievement
as employee of the month.

Jeffrey joined Welgedacht at the inception of the Xone contract in June 2016. He is a real steadfast person, who we can count on at any time. He is a well-educated employee. If we need anything, we can rely on him to assist. He is never absent and always willing to help.

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December was a relatively quiet month with only 15 incidents  (Dec 2016 had 34 incidents).  The most complaints were about barking dogs in cases where owners were on holiday and dog sitters did not handle the situation well. Please ensure that your dogs are properly looked after if you are away.

Click here for a complete list of incidents and complaints: