Monitor your visitors, July Security news and reports

Monitor your visitors!

The Entrypro access control system provides notifications when your visitors enter Welgedacht with access codes you issued and notifies you when they leave the estate. Exit notifications are also provided for your voice clearance visitors (when the gate phones you to grant access). If you are not currently receiving these notifications, it could be that the settings on your phone are not correct, please contact the office for assistance. Please monitor your visitors and contractors- if you receive a notification that they entered but they do not arrive at your address within a reasonable time, please report to the Control Room (021-9135395). If they leave your property after the visit and you do not receive the exit notification within 15 minutes, please report to the Control Room. The only exceptions are couriers or delivery companies visiting a number of houses at a time, as you will not know how many properties they are visiting. If you are concerned about a specific situation, please report to the Control Room (021-9135395).

The procedure for handling the access for Show Houses changed recently, so if you have a house on the market or are planning to sell your property, please contact the office for further information.

If you have a party at home or in the Club House, please ensure that your guests are sober enough to drive when they leave. If your guest damages estate property, you will be held responsible for repair costs. It is also irresponsible to let your guests drive when intoxicated as they could endanger other lives on the road.


How to lodge a complaint

Note that a security (or any other) complaint must be lodged by phoning the office (021-9131302) or the control room (021-9135395) or by reporting it via email ([email protected]).

In the case of a security concern or complaint, the quickest reaction will be organised if the complaint is reported to the Control Room. Formal systems are in place to ensure the complaint is logged, investigated and reported on. Posting a concern or complaint on social media, means someone from the office must notice it and then call the control room which wastes time that could be crucial. Quite often the facts around a case creates a different perspective on what was observed compared to the initial impression, therefore it is better to determine the facts first.

Security guards at the gate are not the right avenue for complaints – if you want a complaint investigated, the procedure is to report to the control room or the office for full investigation and feedback.

The software controlling the finger print readers at the gate were updated this past weekend, therefore finger print access should be quicker than last week. Warmer weather will also assist with better readings. If you are struggling with your finger print, please contact the office (email or call) for assistance. The goose neck poles that the readers are mounted on, will be maintained soon.


Xone Employee of the month and July security report

Alrenzo is the grand child of one of the senior Xone employees, and the employee approached Jacques Lotz (security manager) to ask for a chance for Alrenzo to work in the security industry. Alrenzo was unable to find other employment and had no experience.

Alrenzo took his security exams and passed well. Jacques referred him to the Xone recruitment office and he was employed under Jacques’ supervision. He has worked on the estate for two months and during this time, managed all aspects of the entrance. He is a keen learner and is now employed on a permanent basis. With his positive attitude, he could reach a senior position in the future. Congratulations Alrenzo!

Incidents and Complaints July 2019