Holiday arrangements, Security news and incidents Nov2017

Holiday arrangements 

A daily check on your property while you are away can be arranged – note that Xone security can only check around your house if they have access to the property. Please provide a contact number of someone with  a key that may be contacted if required (especially if you are not going to be available to accept calls). If you have an alarm system installed, provide the contact details of your alarm monitoring company. Should you wish to make use of this service, email [email protected] with your name, address, the dates when you are away, if the property will be accessible or not and who should be contacted if a problem is noticed. This information is treated as confidential and will be managed by Jacques Lotz, Xone Security Manager.

The Estate Office will close on Friday 22 December and reopen on Tuesday 2 January  – please make your arrangements for access for house sitters at least 48 hours in advance (office hours) and allow time for registration of finger prints.

Please ensure that your pets are wearing name tags with contact details – this makes it so much easier to return a pet to its home if found outside your property – often house sitters are not as diligent with keeping pets inside the property as you are.

If you find a snake on your property, contact the Control Room on 021-9135395 if you require assistance in arranging a snake catcher,

Building contractors are not allowed access to Welgedacht between 15 December(last day for access in 2017) and 8 January (first day for access in 2018) – this includes contractors doing ad-hoc building work and e.g. bore hole drilling contractors. It excludes garden services, window washers and house cleaning services. All registered contractors have been informed well in advance of these dates.

Please contact the office at least 24 hours (office hours) in advance if you need to make changes to the access of your domestic staff.

The WHOA Trustees and Estate Office staff wish you a pleasant and safe festive season.

Security news

The panic button system implementation is NOT going ahead – we did not have enough interest in the current offering and may revisit this option once cellphone technology meets our requirements.

The new Secsyst APP is still being tested and is not yet ready for roll-out to all our residents, as it does not meet our requirements. A new update is in progress and should be available by April 2018. If you are having problems with notifications from the App not displaying, go to the App and on the notifications screen you should see a notification as your visitor is granted access or exits.

Please note that it is against WHOA rules to be verbally abusive towards security staff – this is a problem we are experiencing with contractor staff. We also have audio recording at the gate, so we can accurately determine exactly what was said. Please assist us by informing your contractors of the rules as it applies to them and also advise them to register with the office to speed up access to the Estate.

Xone employee of the month and Incidents for Nov 2017

Xone employee of the month Xolani Flanisi worked at Welgedacht years ago for a previous security provider and was recommended by a resident. Xone invited Xolani for an interview and he was appointed as Security Officer, Access Control.  Xolani remembers a lot of the residents and is welcomed back by those who remember him. His ability to work with co-workers is exceptional, he has vibrant energy and is always friendly. He is fluent in a number of languages and communicates easily with our residents. Congratulations Xolani!

Click here for a picture of Xolani

The incidents and complaints summary for November 2017 is included on the link below:

Incidents and complaints Nov 2017