Emergency procedure, vehicle disc audit

Vehicle discs audit for emergencies

WHOA recently reviewed the security emergency procedures. To enable us to handle an emergency efficiently we need to be able to identify resident vehicles, possibly at an entry/exit point away from our main gate, and get messages to residents quickly. To this end we are doing an audit of vehicle discs and adding at least one contact per property on our Emergency Whatsapp group.

Objectives of the vehicle disc audit:

  • All Welgedacht resident vehicles to have a disc;
  • Verify that existing discs belong to Welgedacht residents only;
  • Members moving out of the Estate or selling their vehicle to ensure that the disc is removed from the vehicle;
  • No old discs will be used to grant access;
  • Members will have to visit the office to replace the existing disc with a new disc.

Communication with residents:

To ensure that WHOA can communicate with all residents, at least one person per household/erf must be on the Emergency WhatsApp group. This is not a chat group, as only office staff are able to post on this group. The group is used to get important and/or urgent information to residents. If there is no one in the household using Whatsapp, this will be recorded to enable the use of SMS in case of an emergency.

What happens next:

Residents to send vehicle disc details to the WHOA office by the end of July. Please assist us in getting new discs on your vehicles and keeping the office up to date with any vehicle changes.

Residents may forward an email to [email protected] with the correct vehicle information (registration no, make and model, colour and existing disc serial number). This will assist the office to get the new disc ready.

You may also use the form below to re-register your vehicles, or email the office with your name, address or erf number to get the information that is currently on file to review for updating.

Vehicle Disc Form


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