Closure Dates, Security News, Sept 2018 Reports

Closure dates and Water deliveries

There are 2 Building and Architecture Committee meetings left for 2018, so please note these dates if you wish to submit plans:

  • Meeting 1 November – submit plans by 26 October;
  • Meeting 29 November – submit plans by 23 November

Building contractor activity over year end:
Last day for building contractor activity is Friday 14 December 2018, and the first day for building contractor activity in 2019 is Monday 7 January 2019. No building contractor activities will be allowed from 15 December to 6 January.

Water deliveries and collections
Please note the following arrangements for water deliveries and collections:

  • The cost of water is R250 per 1000 litres delivered and R100 per thousand litres collected.
  • For collections, your trailer needs to handle 1 tonne of weight. Due to safety concerns, please ensure that your vehicle and trailer is certified to handle this weight.
  • Orders: please email Maretha van der Merwe at [email protected] to place the order and send your proof of payment.
  • Payments to be made to WHOA, Standard Bank, branch code 051001, account number 071940138, with reference Delivery erf number surname
  • Note that the connection pipe for delivery is maximum 30m length.

Estate access for visitors and minors

Your visitors must enter and exit the estate using voice clearance (where you are phoned) or using an access code issued by you. This rule also applies to visitors of your children. Please ensure that if your child’s visitor enter the estate via the pedestrian turnstile or bike gate, that the visitor is using an access code.

Minors can obtain finger print access to enter via the pedestrian turnstile or bike gate. Finger print access via the booms will only be allowed once the resident has a driver’s licence.

Community Whatsapp Group

As we are keeping the Emergency Whatsapp group clear for Estate notices only, a Community Whatsapp group was recently formed and will be used for asking for help in finding lost animals, asking for recommendations on good supplier experiences and sharing of community issues. Please contact one of the following administrators with your name, cell number and street address if you would like to join the group:
Carmen – 083 658 3922
Peter – 083 454 8696
Louise – 082 445 7455
Anuschka – 082 592 8454

Xone employee of the month, Security reports

It is with pleasure that we announce Alister Claasen as the Xone employee of the month. Alister was recently promoted to gate supervisor. As a stand-in security supervisor on his shift, he took control and managed the staff like a true leader. He also attended to complaints and conducted himself very professionally at the entrance. Congratulations Alister!

There were 15 Incidents and complaints in total, comparing with 22 in Sept 2017 and a year to date average of 17.3. The reports are available by clicking on the link below: