Changes to Contractor codes; October security news

Contractor code changes, Entrypro system guide

Contractor codes will now generate the number of access codes that you select when generating the code on the Entrypro system (i.e. no longer 5 codes for every contractor code issued). The mechanism is therefore the same as for a visitors code. This allows you more control on the number of codes issued. Although the mechanism is the same as for visitor codes, the use of the contractor code is different and at the entrance gate it allows better control on which contractors have left the estate. A contractor code also expires at a certain time on the day it was issued for, whereas a visitor code is valid for up to 48 hours after the visitor entered until the visitor exits (the visitor must enter on the day the code was issued for). Please assist us to manage contractors by using a contractor code for anyone other than personal visitors.

Residents have an overall limit of 30 access codes per erf per day. If you are planning a function and expect to exceed your daily limit of access codes, please contact the office for assistance.

The Entrypro supplier has issued an updated user guide which is well explained in an easy to follow manner. Click on the link below to access the guide:

If you have a problem using the Entrypro App, please check your cell phone reception. It seems that cell phone reception may be affected by the networks’ process of moving to 5G. The office was advised by a network company to change our cell phone settings to only use 3G for now until 5G is available, and this has made a difference for those who tried it thus far.

We have recently updated some settings on the access control system and checked the timing of fingerprint readings at the entrance gate. Provided the finger placement is correct, the time for reading the finger print is quicker now than it was on previous checks. Contact the office if you are experiencing problems with your finger prints as it should not be slower than before.


Complaints and closure dates for 2019

Please note that all complaints/requests should be made via the Estate office. Residents cannot issue instructions to security guards at the gate to allow certain visitors or expect security guards to handle any complaints – it would be a transgression of operating procedures for a security guard to accept an instruction from a resident. Please contact the office for any special arrangements or complaints.

Closure dates for 2019:
The last day for building contractors to work on the estate is Friday 13 December;
The Estate office will close on 20 December;
The last date for submitting building plans for approval is 27 November (for the last Building & Architectural committee meeting 3 December).

Holiday checks:
If you wish to have holiday checks by security for your property, please email the office ([email protected]) with the dates you are away and provide an emergency contact number if you are not available on your cell phone during this time. The inspection will be once a day and checking can be done on the outside of your house provided there is access to your erf for the security guards. If you have an alarm, please provide the alarm company contact details. This information is regarded as confidential and only shared with the security manager and supervisor.


Xone employee of the month and September reports

Alrenzo Abrahams has been awarded employee of the month for the second time. This young man has gone from strength to strength. He has now managed all the different posts at the Main entrance and has indicated that he aspires to be a gate supervisor in the future. Congratulations Alrenzo!

Please note that Xone, as a professional company, is fully compliant with SA Labour Law with regards to employee procedures. Employee information is regarded as confidential and therefore details of labour procedures followed with specific employees cannot be shared with external parties.

Complaints and Incidents September 2019