Business Registration, Your Employees, March 2018 Security Newsletter

Business registration

If you run a business from home in Welgedacht, you have to register this with WHOA (refer WHOA rule 1.10.1) and the business must comply with the applicable regulations from the City of Cape Town. From a security perspective, visitors to Welgedacht who are not known to residents pose a bigger security risk than family, friends or employees and the business registration assists with security information to manage the risk. Please contact the office if you have any questions in this regard.

Domestic employee details

A big thank you to all the residents who co-operated with our employee audit and registered their employees. The audit is now complete. If you have not registered any new employees recently, please email [email protected] to confirm the days for your domestic employees. This will assist us in ensuring the details are current and up to date on the access control system. Please notify the office at least 24 (office) hours in advance if you require changes or special arrangements for employees’ access.

Registered domestic employees can move through the pedestrian gate quicker than visitors and the id card issued to them allows them to move around on the estate, whereas contractor employees are not allowed to do so. Id cards may be left at the gate for safekeeping when an employee exits the estate.

Note that sleep in domestic employees have to comply with the rules of conduct on open spaces in the estate, exactly the same as for residents, their families and guests (refer WHOA rule 1.10.5). Drunk or unruly behaviour on open spaces or at the entrance gate will not be tolerated.

Xone employee of the month, March 2018 incidents and complaints

Congratulations to Abdia du Toit, employee of the month for March 2018. Abdia is a very successful Controller. She is hardly seen outside as she works in our Control Room and therefore residents may not know her well – you may speak to her when calling the security number. She earns a lot of respect from her colleagues. As a mother and resident of a crime infested area, her attitude is great and her excellent attendance shows her dedication. Well done Abdia!

March 2018 Incidents and Complaints

There were 22 complaints and incidents for March of which 6 were animal related. This compares with a year to date average of 17.

Click here for the March 2018 Complaints and Incidents list.