Budget info date and Security news

Budget information session 26 February 2018

Please note that the Budget information session is moved to Monday 26 February 2018 at 19h00 at the Club House.

WHOA AGM  is on 17 May 2018 – save the date!

We have you covered at the entrance gate

Our entrance gate is fully covered with cameras and with audio recordings at specific points. This means that if a visitor, contractor or any of your employees complain about being delayed or treated unfairly at the gate, it is all on camera. This allows us to verify the facts – we have recently received a number of complaints regarding security delaying the entrance of domestic employees and  contractors and with each investigation we were able to get the real version of what happened.  We can verify when and how someone moved through the gate.

Please assist us to streamline vehicle and pedestrian traffic by adhering to the WHOA procedures which are in place for your protection:

  1. Notify the office if an employee is no longer working for you – it is a security risk if the person’s access stays active as they can still enter the estate;
  2. Domestic workers and gardeners must be registered at the Estate Office with fingerprints and an id card;
  3. Remind your visitor/contractor to use the access code you issue for them – it often happens that a voice clearance is done even though the visitor has a code as security is not informed that they have a code;
  4. New residents to obtain vehicle discs at the Estate Office;
  5. Members (home owners) to notify the Estate Office if your tenants change – leaving access of tenants who moved out open or not registering new tenants are against WHOA rules and it poses security risks;
  6. Members with tenants may still register for finger print access.

We appreciate your co-operation.

Employee of the month and January 2018 reports

Employee of the month:

Mtutuzeli Njemla joined Welgedacht as an access controller and is often on duty at the pedestrian turnstiles. Njemla knows the domestic workers and gardeners and treats everyone entering with respect, as a person would like to be treated. He is committed to his work and always willing to assist. He can also be depended on. His presence at the gate ensures that employees are happy to enter on their way to work. Congratulations Njemla!

Click here for a photo of Njemla:
Mtutuzeli Njemla

Incidents and complaints:

A total of 13 incidents and complaints were reported for January 2018, compared to 42 in January 2017. To view the report, click here: