2018/19 Levy Increase, Water Delivery & Collection, Tanks Purchased, Boreholes

Dear WHOA Member

Herewith please find our feedback on the above. If you have any questions on the water delivery/collection or tanks, please contact us by phoning the office or send a mail to  [email protected]

2018/19 Levy Increase

At the budget information session of Monday 26 February 2018, the existing and new proposed budget were presented and a levy increase of 5% was tabled.
If you have any questions on the budget please contact the office 021 913 1302.

Water Delivery & Collection

The trustees approved the distribution of WHOA borehole water in the estate and appointed a contractor to do deliveries to the members.
A maximum of 1000 litres per week per household was set.

Deliveries will be done in volumes of 1000 litres and 2000 litres and be pumped to the member’s storage facility at a cost of 25 cents per litre.

Members can collect water at the bulk station in volumes of 500 litres and 1000 litres paying an admin fee of 10 cents per litre. A water collection point has been established on the back corner of the office building, in the parking area, where 5 litres to 25 litres can be collected for free.

Procedure for Water Deliveries

A Member has to do an EFT for the delivery cost into WHOA’s Standard Bank account and the reference has to be “Delivery(space)erf number (space)surname” which would simplify matters for the office as the payments will be allocated to a special account.

Depending on the number of requests the delivery will be done within two days and the contractor will communicate via telephone, WhatsApp or E-mail to arrange and/ or confirm the delivery was done.

A site filling line might be required due to the tank(s) position on site, dogs in the yard or the owner not available to open the premises for the delivery. If you want to discuss the need of a filling line please email us on [email protected] and request a site visit. The water delivery team will also notify where the delivery is difficult and we will then communicate with the member in this regard.

Please send new e-mails if you require any of the above even if you already sent a mail with a request in the past.

Water Storage Tanks- Deliveries

We are in daily communication with the supplier of the tanks and the latest feedback is that we will start to receive tanks this week and there will be more than one delivery this week.

We will contact the members and start delivering as soon as the tanks arrive on site.

Borehole Applications

Please contact the office, [email protected], before any borehole fees are deposited in WHOA’s account, if your borehole is only going to be drilled after 1 April 2018.

Kind Regards

Executive Estate Manager

Christo vd Merwe